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Enter Elon Musk’s Rs 37 lakh house, watch the video

When Boxabl announced in November that she was working for a “top secret client” who would have thought it would be business mogul Elon Musk? Boxabl, an organization that makes instant, tiny and affordable homes, installed a home in Boca Chica near SpaceX Ground Zero in Texas for Elon Musk, To live in reported.

Musk, who is billed as one of the richest people in the world, tweeted in June of this year: “My main house is literally a roughly $ 50,000 house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rent from SpaceX. It’s still awesome. ”

Musk lives in a Casita, Boxabl’s $ 49,500 375-square-foot unit, as he considers it an energy-efficient studio, according to Business intern. Casitas are brought in boxes, unfolded at destinations and attached to foundation and utilities. The 20ft Casitas can be folded to approximately 8.5ft during transport.

The makeshift house is integrated into a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom, as well as a multimedia center. Priced at $ 49,500, the Boxabl home includes a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave, built-in ironing center, and ultra-low utility technology to keep bills down. Boxabl founder Galiano Tiramani told Insider that Musk’s association with the brand has sparked general public interest in housing. “The target audience heard about this beforehand, and then the Musk press caught the interest of the general public, maybe someone who didn’t care about housing,” he said.

Boxabl builds homes from steel, concrete, foam insulation and laminate panels, making Casitas strong enough to be snow tolerant, hurricane, mold and flood resistant.

However, despite its popularity and rapidly growing waiting list, the company has only built three small houses so far. Currently, there are approximately 50,000 people on the waiting list.

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