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Embarrassed Burglar Lets Landlords Get Away $200 After Breaking In

New Mexico homeowners were doubly surprised this weekend to find a burglar in their home with an AR-15, then ask him to apologize, give them money and leave Genoa.

The man had slept, bathed, eaten and drank beer at the home on the outskirts of Santa Fe before the owners returned and discovered him, according to a police report from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office. quoted by the Albuquerque Journal.

He had an AR-15 sniper rifle but did not threaten them or take any of their jewelry or other personal effects.

Instead, he gave the homeowners $200 as “reimbursement for the window he broke,” according to the report.

The suspect – around 1.8m tall and in his late 20s – also shared a bit of his story, telling the owners he was on the run from someone and his family had been killed in the east of Texas, according to the report. He said his car broke down outside of Santa Fe.

The owners told authorities the man was “extremely embarrassed and apologized for the situation,” the report said.

The suspect left the house with his sports bag and his weapon, walking in a ditch. His alleged thefts totaled $15, according to the report.

Sheriff’s deputies came to the house and searched the ditch but found no one.