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Ducky The Land Before Time: Characters, Storyline & More

Do you like to watch adventure? Or a lover of friendship? So The Land Before Time is the animated series not to be missed.

An orphaned brontosaurus teams up with other young dinosaurs to reunite with their families in a valley. It will give you warm feelings of family and friendship.


Ducky the land before time


The Land Before Time is a fantasy adventure family-friendly American children’s animated film franchise from Universal Pictures, which debuted in 1988.

This American animated series for infants produced by Don Bluth and produced by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg is fun, heartfelt, and full of unforgettable characters the whole family will love watching.

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Ducky the land before time


These films are based on the friendship of a group of young dinosaurs, Littlefoot (Apatosaurus), Cera (Triceratops), Ducky (Saurolophus), Petrie (Pteranodon) and Spike (Stegosaurus).

The orphan Littlefoot sets out in search of his family and the legendary Great Valley, where all dinosaurs can live in peace. Along the way, he meets four other young dinosaurs and witnesses many adventures, learning lessons of friendship and life.

Ducky the land before time

Fictional characters and cast

Here are the characters from The Land Before Time, an American animated series for children.

Cute, the main character of the series was voiced by Judith Barsi (I), Heather Hogan (II-IV), Aria Noelle Curzon (V-XIV)

While another main character Small foot has many voice actors for different episodes and seasons Gabriel Damon (I), Scott McAfee (II-IV), Brandon LaCroix (V), Thomas Dekker (VI-IX), Alec Medlock (X), Aaron Spann (XI), Nick Price (XII), Cody Arens (XIII )), Félix Avitia (XIV)

Another character Cera at Candace Huston (I-IV), Anndi McAfee (V-XIV) as voice actors while Petrie has Will Ryan (I), Jeff Bennett (II-IV) as voice actors. While another Peak at Rob Paulsen (II-V, VII-XIV), Jeff Bennett (VI) like voice.

Ducky the land before time

There are also other characters in the supporting roles. They are:


Doubler: Rob Paulsen (I), Cannon Young (V), Isaac Ryan Brown (XIV), Max Burkholder (TV series)


Doubler: Strange meghan

Grandfather and grandmother Longneck

Doubler: Bill Erwin (I), Kenneth Mars (II – XII), Barry Bostwick (XIV), Linda Gary (II-IV), Miriam Flynn (V – XIV, TV Series)

Dad Troops

Doubler: Burke Byrnes (I), John Ingle (II – XIII, television series)


Doubler: Camryn Manheim (XI-XII), Jessica Gee (XIII, TV series)


Doubler: Nika futterman

Petrie’s mother and Ducky and Spike’s siblings include the rest of the characters.

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Does Ducky die in “The Land Before Time”?

Ducky the land before time

Well there is no such thing in the history of Ducky’s Death. But for your information, the child actor Judith Barsi who originally voiced the character Cute was brutally shot dead by her own father when she was 10 years old.

Trailers and Videos

The earth before time the trailer gathered more than 400,000 watch viewers among us. The trailer gives you a preview of the anime.

Here is! Click the trailer link below and you can watch it!


Release date

The Land Before Time television series premiered on screen from March 5, 2007 until January 21, 2008. until we talk about The Land Before Time movie, it was released in 1988.

The series is old but very interesting to watch. You must also try the other movies in this series. They are numerous.

Ducky the land before time

Where to broadcast online?

There are many famous platforms that broadcast The Land Before Time series. You can stream the series as well as the film on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu as well as Movies by Google Play.

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Ratings & Reviews

Ducky the land before time

The ratings if you analyze are very good for the film as for the series. Land Before Time 1988 captured the attention of 83,000 IMDb users with a rating of 7.4 out of 10.

The 2007-2008 Land Before Time television series received an IMDb rating of 6.5 out of 10 out of 721 votes on IMDb.

Is it worth watching?

Ducky the land before time

The Land Before Time should we watch it? Well I guess so. The film is animation which makes it an obvious choice for entertainment. The story and the variety of characters make it worth it.

It’s good to watch, it brightens your mood and gives you a feeling of uplifting as you watch. Although an ancient as you know, the ancient is gold. Trying it is worth it.


Ducky the land before time

The Land Before Time and the character Ducky have over 10 TV and movie series. They are all adventures of cute dinosaurs and representing animal life.

Once you’ve watched the first one you’re sure to continue. Share your comments and experiences with us in the comments box below. And let us know if you have any questions.

Until then, bye, we’ll have more updates in entertainment soon. Stay tuned!