Drake’s biggest scandals of going to a strip club after Astroworld tragedy to his feud with Kanye West

DRAKE has had its fair share of scandals over the years.

From going to a strip club in the wake of Astroworld’s fatal tragedy to his ongoing feud with Kanye West, the 35-year-old rapper regularly finds himself in hot water.


Drake has had a number of scandals throughout his careerCredit: Getty Images – Getty
From going to a strip club about the Astroworld tragedy to his feud with Kanye West, Drake is regularly involved in the drama.


From going to a strip club about the Astroworld tragedy to his feud with Kanye West, Drake is regularly involved in the drama.Credit: AFP

Drake’s most recent scandal comes after his involvement in the Astroworld tragedy.

Last week nine people died and hundreds were injured during Travis Scott’s set at the Astroworld Festival in Houston.


While Drake took to Instagram to share a statement saying his “heart is broken,” The Sun exclusively revealed that he went to a strip club just one day after the fatal concert.

In the deleted messages seen by The Sun, the dancers were filmed surrounded by cash in Area 29 in Houston, which was set to host the official after-party for Travis’ event, and the club personally thanked Drake for ‘be present on Saturday.

The rapper and his team are said to have stayed at the five-star Post Oak hotel, where Scott and his pregnant girlfriend Kylie Jenner were also spotted ahead of the festival.

Drake went to a strip club a day after the Astroworld tragedy


Drake went to a strip club a day after the Astroworld tragedyCredit: Instagram / Drake


One of the rapper’s first major scandals came in February 2012, when he used the voice of his ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee on his song Marvin’s Room.

According to Atmosphere, Drake claimed he had permission from Ericka to use her voice on the song.

However, she hired a lawyer and demanded money for her “performance” on the track.

Drake refused to pay her and insisted that she had initially only asked for a writer’s credit in return for her participation in the song.

He also denied ever dating Ericka.

Drake used his ex's voice in a song without his permission


Drake used his ex’s voice in a song without his permissionCredit: Splash


In March 2012, Drake made headlines when he and his entourage took to the Dollhouse Lounge in Oklahoma City for a paid appearance after a concert.

The group took over the club, which was eventually closed as members of their entourage allegedly smoked weed in the VIP section.

TMZ reported that Oklahoma City Police had come forward to restore order as people were kicked out of the club.

In addition, the club owner asked the Degrassi alumni camp to pay him for the problems he caused that night.

A club was closed when those around him started to smoke weed


A club was closed when those around him started to smoke weedCredit: Splash


In June 2012, Drake allegedly had an argument with Chris Brown, 32, at WiP nightclub in New York City.

Chris was injured and ended up with a nasty gash on his chin after he was allegedly hit by a bottle while battling Drake’s entourage.

NYPD said TMZ that five people were injured when the two singers’ teams quarreled in the nightclub.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call between 4 and 5 a.m.

However, Chris and Drake weren’t at the club by the time the cops arrived.

While sources told the outlet that Drake was involved in the brawl, the representative for the Canadian singer issued a statement claiming he didn’t fight Chris.

Instead, the rep said the fight was between Chris and rapper Meek Mill.

He allegedly got involved in a bar fight with Chris Brown


He allegedly got involved in a bar fight with Chris BrownCredit: Getty


After going public with Rihanna, 33, in 2016, sources told Life & Style that the singer caught him cheating on her during their relationship.

According to Hollywood life Rihanna is said to have caught the singer of God’s Plan sending summary texts with other women, including Instagram model Dakota Gonzalez.

Besides, boss claimed that Drake was seeing another Instagram model, India Love, while he was supposedly dating the Umbrella hitmaker.

As reported by Hollywood Life, her alleged affair with Dakota is what pushed Rihanna to the brink and “cracked” her over her cheating.

Sources claim rapper cheated on Rihanna during their relationship


Sources claim rapper cheated on Rihanna during their relationshipCredit: AP: Associated press


Drake continued to have more scandals as he allegedly paid a settlement of $ 350,000 after being charged with sexual assault in 2017.

In November 2018, the rapper’s star settled a lawsuit with Laquana Morris, also known as Layla Lace.

She had previously claimed that Drake sexually assaulted her during the UK leg of her Boy Meets World tour in 2017.

According to The independent, Drake refuted the allegations and filed a lawsuit against Morris for civil extortion, fraud, emotional distress, abuse of process and defamation.

He admitted to having consensual sex with Laquana while in a hotel in Manchester, England in February 2017.

However, he denied all claims that their night was not consensual.

According to the costume, Laquana booked a flight to see the rapper shortly after they slept together.

She reportedly got angry when she didn’t receive a response and canceled the flight, with Drake cutting off all communication with her.

Further, the lawsuit alleged that she claimed Drake raped her and demanded money from him after Manchester police cleared him of the sexual assault allegations.

It was later revealed in 2019 that Drake paid a settlement of $ 350,000 in the case.

He paid $ 350,000 in a sexual assault settlement


He paid $ 350,000 in a sexual assault settlementCredit: Getty


In 2017, Sophie Brussaux claimed that Drake was the father of her son.

After making the complaints public, TMZ revealed that she had hired a lawyer, Raoul Felder, to start discussing paternity and child support.

Following the claims of the retired pornstar, Drake’s reps told the outlet at the time, “This woman has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand that she is. may have trouble entering the United States. She is one of many women who claim he made them pregnant. “

The representative continued, “If this is in fact Drake’s child, which he doesn’t believe, he would do whatever it takes for the child.”

Drake and Sophie’s son Adonis was born in October 2017, although the rapper did not admit to being his father until June 2018.

Pusha T, who has had a long feud with the rapper, revealed Drake’s secret son in his 2018 diss track, The Story Of Adidon.

Drake remained silent on the claims until he released his 2018 album, Scorpion, where he spoke about his son to the world.

The track from March 14 is about when he learned that Adonis was his son.

He sings the story of his relationship with Sophie and shares his hopes that they can be good co-parents.

In another song on the album, Emotionless, Drake sings, “I wasn’t hiding my child from the world / I was hiding the world from my child.”

Drake denied being Adonis' father until 2018


Drake denied being Adonis’ father until 2018Credit: Instagram


The rappers have been feuding for years over Drake’s insinuations that he once slept with Kanye’s ex, Kim Kardashian, 41.

In Drake’s track In My Feelings, the Canadian musician rapped about his sex with a woman called Kiki, who is Kim’s family nickname.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star denied rumors about Drake in a response to the song.

Kanye recently touched on their beef during an interview on the Drink champions Podcast.

The 44-year-old said: “When people went to get Hitler, they didn’t go straight to Hitler, they set up fake tanks, they set up this …

“So [Drake] I have to do stuff like light a fire in the street of you.

“He’s gonna go DM every girl in your family, every girl in your family… every girl in your nigga.”

The Yeezy mogul continued, “So it’s like away games and home games. It’s professional rap. This is the first time we’ve been in a professional rap venue.

“If he throws a ball here … only you and I know what’s going on. It’s all psychological.”

However, Yeezy’s mogul recently asked Drake to end their feud with the “ultimate goal being to free Larry Hoover.”

Drake has been arguing with Kanye for years


Drake has been arguing with Kanye for yearsCredit: Getty