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Dakota Fanning likes clothes with an “androgynous vibe” | Entertainment and celebrity news

Dakota Fanning began “uniform curating” with an “androgynous vibe” to create her own signature style.

After experimenting with different clothes and different looks, the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star streamlined her wardrobe so it mostly consists of “12 identical shirts in a few different colors and the same pants.”

Dakota mixes women’s clothing with men’s clothing to achieve the desired look.

In an interview with the website LaTrousse.cashe said: “As I get older, I kind of want to become one of those people who just has, like, 12 of the same shirts in a few different colors and the same pants. I start organizing more of a uniform: I like the very simple and classic things that always look great on any occasion.

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“I really like shirts and pants; a bit of a masculine androgynous vibe is what I’m doing these days.”

Dakota – who has set up her own production company, Lewellen Pictures, with her actress sister Elle Fanning – also opened up about her daily beauty regimen, revealing that one thing she does every night is take a bath for the night. to help relax.

The 27-year-old actress said: “I take a bath every night. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, but it’s just something I do that helps me feel good. One constant thing every night. I think finding consistency can be a super small thing, just finding something that you do every day, whatever that gives me a lot of peace. There’s so much things that we can’t control, so it’s so important to find one thing that makes you feel good and that you do every day.