Coleen Rooney forgave Wayne for alcohol and sex scandals but said “it was not acceptable”

Coleen Rooney has remained by her husband Wayne Rooney’s side throughout his various cheating and drinking scandals in public.

However, Coleen, 35, who shares four sons with her childhood sweetheart Wayne, opened up about her infidelities in the trailer for Amazon’s new documentary “Rooney.”

The Liverpudlian WAG is seen talking about her husband’s past in the trailer which features the football star’s life on and off the pitch as she deems his behavior “unacceptable”.

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Coleen Rooney forgives husband Wayne for sex and alcohol scandals but says behavior is unacceptable
Coleen Rooney forgave Wayne for alcohol and sex scandals but “it wasn’t acceptable”

Coleen said in the footage: “I knew the bands Wayne hung out with – with alcohol – weren’t good. I forgive him but it wasn’t acceptable.”

Wayne, also 35, goes on to talk about how he still copes with the aftermath of the scandal, adding: “People always look at me in a different way.

“For me, it’s important that people remember me for who I am rather than for what I’ve done.”

Clips in the trailer show video from the couple’s wedding day as well as them at home with their children.

Coleen has remained loyal to Wayne through thick and thin and she has neglected his many indiscretions and infidelities to stand by his side.

Rooney, who has known Coleen since they met in high school at the age of 12, began visiting prostitutes at the age of 16.

He paid £ 140 to sleep with then 21-year-old Charlotte Glover and left her an autograph as a souvenir.

A month later he slept with then 37-year-old Gina McCarrick in a £ 45 brothel in Liverpool, which he visited 10 times and where he was caught on CCTV. There was also sex with a 48-year-old grandmother known as “Auld Slapper” who was wearing a rubber catsuit.

The scandal erupted in July 2004, devastating Coleen, who had remained faithful to her childhood sweetheart.

Coleen and Wayne Rooney wedding clip from new Amazon Prime documentary
Coleen and Wayne Rooney wedding clip from new Amazon Prime documentary

In her autobiography, she revealed that the reason she forgave him was because he slept with the prostitutes before their relationship got serious.

“The truth is, and I’ve never said it before, at that point in our relationship, I had never even slept with Wayne,” she said.

“I was only 16 and we didn’t have that kind of relationship at this point. We used to meet at chippy or at the movies.”

Wayne then apologized, stating, “Silly as it now seems I’ve done on occasion in massage parlors and prostitutes. I deeply regret it and hope people will understand that it was. the kind of mistake you make when you’re young and stupid. It was at a time when I was very young and immature. “

Coleen managed to forget Wayne’s past with sex workers – despite the national outcry – and married him in 2008.

But in September 2010, the Sunday Mirror exclusively revealed that Wayne spent his family’s money on secret hotel sessions with Jenny Thompson while Coleen was pregnant with their first son, Kai, in 2009.

He had seven separate dates with Jennifer, who later starred in Ex On The Beach, and took her to date nights in public places.

Their last meeting was in October 2009, a month before Coleen’s delivery.

Coleen Rooney & Wayne Rooney Prepare For New Amazon Documentary
Coleen Rooney & Wayne Rooney Prepare For New Amazon Documentary

In 2017, Jenny claimed that Rooney doesn’t do much in the bedroom.

“I mean he was fine, nothing special. Fairly average,” she said of her love-making skills.

After it emerged that Wayne had cheated, Coleen moved herself and Kai out of the family home and stayed with her parents.

But once Wayne returned from the World Cup campaign, the two reconciled after Wayne promised that there were no more skeletons in his closet.

Shortly after news came out that Wayne had been Pretty Woman-ing Jennifer Thompson, it then emerged that he had had a threesome with Jenny and another prostitute, Helen Wood.

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The two escorts apologized to Coleen in the press and their parents shared their disappointment with their daughters’ career choices.

Helen told the Sunday Mirror that Wayne regretted the trio as soon as it was over.

“Why the hell did I do this?” He reportedly asked Helen and Jenny as he sat on the hotel bed in a bathrobe.

“He said: ‘I feel really bad already – I beg you not to say anything. It will ruin my marriage if he goes out. Having a child means everything to me,” said Helen, he said. .

In the early hours of September 1, 2017, Rooney was arrested and charged with drunk driving after being pulled over by police following a night out.

Coleen and Wayne Rooney
Coleen and Wayne Rooney

He was driving party girl Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle through Wilmslow, Cheshire when he was stopped by police and taken to a station for questioning.

Coleen, who was pregnant with her and Wayne’s fourth child Cass, was on vacation in Mallorca at the time of the arrest and called Laura to ask her to tell the truth about her night with Rooney.

“She asked me to tell her what happened,” Laura told The Sun On Sunday.

“She seemed unhappy that we left a nightclub in a cab to go to my car.”

Laura added that she apologized to Coleen but insisted that nothing had happened between the two.

Coleen flew home to her home to the couple’s multi-million pound house in Cheshire for a furious confrontation with her husband, reportedly shouting at him, ‘How could you do this to me while I’m pregnant? How could you do this to me while I’m pregnant? could you be so stupid? “

The WAG then forgave Wayne in a moving public statement, admitting that she was on the verge of ending their relationship.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney cheer on England as they make history at Wembley

They rebuilt their marriage with movie dates without children and Coleen even agreed to move the family to the United States so Wayne – who was convicted of drunk driving and banned from driving for two years – could playing for DC United in Washington.

During the February 2019 Super Bowl weekend, Wayne was spotted partying the night away with pretty bartender Vicki Rosiek in Clearwater Beach, Florida, while Coleen was home at 900. miles with their children.

Wayne started drinking at 4:20 p.m. and was still going at 2:30 a.m., taking photos with Vicki after being taken with her to another bar.

In August 2019, Wayne found himself pictured in the lobby of a hotel in Vancouver, following a mysterious brunette in the elevator.

The footage sparked even more speculation about the state of his marriage to Coleen, especially since it came amid reports that he had spent seven hours drinking with his teammates the night before.

Coleen was in the UK with his parents while Wayne partied the night away with his Washington DC team, ending up crossing the hotel at 5:36 a.m., a few steps behind the woman.

Coleen was seen hours after the story broke, looking furious as she made a phone call and reportedly insisted he go straight home to explain himself.

Rooney is expected to debut on Amazon Prime in early 2022.

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