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Christina Aguilera’s career “came full circle” | Celebrity entertainment and news

Christina Aguilera believes her career is “come full circle” after recently playing at Disney World.

The 40-year-old singer is a former Mouseketeer, and she compared the performance at Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration to a “coming home.”

Christina – who is Max, 13, and Summer, 7 – told People: “It’s amazing. Just because when I come here, I feel like I was at the start of my career.

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“I mean, my first Disney experience was at Tokyo Disneyland when my dad was in the military and we lived there for three years. So it was always rooted in my childhood roots, but I ended up working. for Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club when I was my son’s age. “

The chart-topping star relished the experience of taking her kids to Disney World.

Christina still has fond memories of Disney and the influence it has had on her career.

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She explained, “Now with my kids here I brought my daughter to her first time at Disney World. She went to Disneyland but bringing her back to where mum worked is just a beautiful thing to pass on. to yours children. “

Meanwhile, Christina previously admitted that she always felt guilty about taking time out of her career.

The singer revealed that finding fame as a child was a “bizarre” experience.

She shared, “When I’m not working I feel a lot of guilt. It’s been ingrained in me since I was little – you’re ashamed if you don’t want to follow along.

“As a child (star) you are all opposed to each other, and other children are also passionate about this work. It is a strange space to grow up.”

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