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Chloe Zhao ’empowered’ by Denis Villeneuve | Celebrity entertainment and news

Chloe Zhao finds “a lot of strength” in “Eternals” which hits theaters at the same time as “Dune”.

The 39-year-old director has taken the leap into blockbuster movie making with her Marvel Cinematic Universe film and although the release schedule is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic means her film will be released a few weeks after the long-awaited science of Denis Villeneuve. fi saga, she’s not upset that they clash because her fellow filmmaker was such a great source of support and even let her watch “Dune” before it was released so she could “learn” from it. him.

Chloe told The Hollywood Reporter, “I have to say I’m a huge fan of Denis; he’s a friend. We’ve been pushed and moved because of the pandemic. We broke up and now we’re back together in same time .

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“Even when I was working on IMAX for ‘Eternals’ I asked him if I could watch ‘Dune’. I knew he had done amazing things in IMAX so I knew I could learn from him. He was so generous; he said “Yes.” He also gave me other references to look at.

“So I actually find a lot of strength in our films coming out at the same time and having a colleague that I respect and love and being able to experience that together and kiss in Venice. [International Film Festival] when ‘Dune’ came out.

“He even messaged me last night, so it all sounds very stimulating.”

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The “Nomadland” director insisted that working in the MCU was not much different from the independent productions she has directed in the past.

She explained, “I felt like being a fan of the MCU and having a good friend to Ryan Coogler and having friends who have worked with them. It’s actually a much smaller team than you don’t think so.

“Here are about three people I talk to on a daily basis. They make big decisions and are texting away. So most of the time I felt like I was working with the same 25 department heads as on ‘Nomadland’.

“The amazing technicians and artists and the thousands of people who helped make this film really, really protected me from the big world.

“They knew how I worked best, and then they created a really nice bubble for me. If I wanted to fly and go crazy they would leave me, but if I fell I knew they were there to catch me. C that’s why I could play so much in this. “

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