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Botox injections went wrong, influencer left eyelid drooping

A Chicago-based blogger has received praise online for publicly sharing images of her droopy eyelid after a bad Botox experience in a medical spa.

On her Instagram account, Whitney Buha posted a video compilation of her eye, before and after the injections.

“How it started versus how it’s been after my bad Botox,” read the caption of the clip, which has now gone viral on social media. According to The Independent, Buha, who receives routine Botox injections around his eyes twice a year, noticed that his left eye was drooping after a recent appointment.

In a series of Instagram highlights and stories, Buha said she didn’t know something like this was possible and could happen to anyone. “It’s my face. I’m not trying to do this. Look how wide that eye is, ”she says in one of the many articles showing the difference between her two eyes.

Watch the video here:

In another video, Buha explained that the Botox injection was used in the wrong place, causing his eye to drop. Since the injections, Buha’s eye situation has gone from bad to worse, leaving her worried.

While the blogger learned that there wasn’t much you could do to reverse the process, she was given various tips to speed up recovery.

“Advice was given to me to speed up recovery from my eyelid ptosis due to the Botox injection in the wrong place. See my highlights to catch up on what’s going on! * I am not a health professional. These are all things that have been recommended by professionals *, ”she wrote while sharing the clip.

Several of Buha’s videos have gone viral on social media and sparked debate over the use of Botox injections. However, many also praised the social media influencer for being so vocal and transparent about the incident.

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