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BBC correspondent’s frustrated moment captured on live TV

In an amusing moment, a vexed BBC correspondent was caught on live TV, expressing frustration after thinking he had lost connection with the newsroom in the middle of reporting on Afghanistan.

In a video that correspondent Dan Johnson himself posted, he is seen talking about the situation in Afghanistan from his hotel in Delhi and why the Taliban were slow to announce their government when he appeared to have lost connection. What he didn’t know was that even though he couldn’t hear the presenter who was in the newsroom in London, he was still live on TV and they could hear him.

After waiting a few seconds, Johnson assumed the live interview was over and left his seat in frustration, growling, “This job, this job!”

The caption accompanying Johnson’s Twitter post read: “A good reminder – ALWAYS assume you’re live, no matter what!

A confusing moment later, the host is seen saying to the audience, “I think Dan didn’t hear my question. I don’t think he was upset, I think he lost his line, so I apologize.

Explaining the crash, he added: “A power cut broke the line from London so I couldn’t hear the presenter. I thought I had been taken off the air completely, but I finished my answer and waited just in case, either to let them realize and move on, or for the sound to come back. I thought I waited long enough… apparently not.

Speaking of how he managed to connect with London from his hotel room, Johnson said: “I was filming with my iPhone, balancing on cushions in front of the window, having barely made it into the bedroom. hotel and make the connection in time after being blocked by a questionable room card As I said, a job with many challenges but still a privilege.

Netizens and other BBC correspondents found his comment funny and couldn’t help but laugh. Some even pointed out that the situation could have been worse.

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