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Andhra woman builds temple for dead husband, video goes viral

A woman from Andhra Pradesh took social media by storm as she built a temple in honor of her late husband. The wife said it was her way of keeping her husband’s memory alive. The temple was built in Prakasam district, state, and a video of the woman doing the puja there has gone viral.

Identified as Padmavathi, the resident of Nimmavanam village in Podili mandal told local media that she has always seen women in her family “worshiping their husbands”. So after her husband, Gurukula Ankireddy died in a traffic accident, she decided to build the temple, ETV News reported.

The video showed the woman paying homage to a bust-sized white marble statue of her late husband, whom she had been married to for 11 years.

Watch the video here:

Every Saturday and Sunday and on full moon days, the woman performs a special puja and serves free food in memory of her late husband. She also mentioned that locals believe that something good will happen to them if they offer prayers in this temple.

According to ABP Desam, the woman said that her husband appeared in her dream a few days after his death and asked her to build a temple for him.

However, this is not the first time that someone has built a huge statue in honor of their deceased spouse. Last year in August, a Karnataka businessman went viral after belatedly installing the statue of his wife in their “dream house”.

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