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Anderson Cooper’s son loves feet | Celebrity entertainment and news

Anderson Cooper has revealed that his son is obsessed with feet and his first word is shoes.

The 54-year-old broadcaster – who welcomed 17-month-old Wyatt with then-partner Benjamin Maisani via a surrogate in 2017 – joked about his son’s unusual fascination on The Ellen Show.

He said: “Wyatt always shows his feet. I don’t know why, but it does.”

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Host Ellen DeGeneres smiled at the comment and joked, “Maybe it’s gonna be air!”

Anderson then revealed that Wyatt had recently started speaking his first words.

He added, “He just started talking a bit. One of his first words was ‘shoes’ which I love.”

It comes as the CNN presenter shares the People Magazine cover with his son, which he revealed on the talk show.

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He also spoke about his new book later in the conversation with Ellen.

“Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty” tells the story of his famous family, who founded a maritime empire in the 19th century, Cornelius Vanderbilt being called “America’s first great tycoon”.

Anderson joked about how shocked he was to learn during a search that he is far from the only gay member of his family.

He said: “My mother was taken from her mother when she was a child by the courts and given to an aunt. One of the reasons the court decided to take my mother away is that her mother was seen in kissing a woman in bed that she had. a relationship with. She had been married to a man. My mother’s aunt – to whom she was given – also had a secret gay life. “

Further research revealed that Cornelius Vanderbilt also had a gay son.

He added: “Commodore Vanderbilt – one of his sons he hated – was secretly gay and yes it didn’t end well but he gave his house to his male lover.”

He then joked, “I was like ‘Wow, it’s chock full of gays!'”

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