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Alia Bhatt’s latest wedding announcement sparks debate: boycott Manyavar trends


Alia Bhatt’s latest wedding ad sparks debate

Actress Alia Bhatt’s latest wedding announcement left Twitter divided after asking “kanyadaan.” She asked why girls are called “paraya dhan” and are called things to be given in marriage. She also suggested a new term “kanyamaan”, stating that kanyadaan is misogynist. While many Twitter users liked the new idea and praised the actress as well as the creators for challenging the age-old practice, others were unimpressed and attacked her for being a “feminism. wake up”. Many also attacked Manyavar for misinterpreting Hindu traditions.

In the ad, Alia Bhatt is seen sitting on a mandap and mentioning what each of her family members thinks of her and her marriage. In her internal monologue, she wonders why she is called “the other” and a temporary part of her family. She asks, “Am I a thing to give?” Why only kanyadaan. At the end of the announcement, the mother of the groom offers to give the groom just like the parents of the bride.[artofherfamilySheasks”AmIathingtobedonated?Whyonlykanyadaan”Attheendoftheadthegroom’smothersuggeststogivethegroomawayjustlikethebride’sparents[artofherfamilySheasks”AmIathingtobedonated?Whyonlykanyadaan”Attheendoftheadthegroom’smothersuggeststogivethegroomawayjustlikethebride’sparents

Responding to the announcement, a Twitter user said, “What a revolutionary concept! Love the outfit and the message.” However, a large part of netizens called for the boycott of Manyavar for failing to understand the true meaning of Kanyadaan and for making fun of Hindu traditions. One Twitter user said: “This over-publicized and overpriced wedding dress brand Manyavar should be collectively boycotted by all Hindus. Enough preached against Hindu rituals and culture … If Manyavar is serious about changing society … they should first advertise on halala, tripple talaq and polygamy .. “

Asking Manyavar for the ad, another user tweeted: “What is this ad? To your surprise, no, Kanyadaan does not mean that a girl is a commodity and can be given. Hindu rituals are so easy for you to point a finger at. If you want to learn more about Kanyadaan’s piety, this thread is for you. “

What the manufacturers say

Clarifying the continued outrage on social media, Vedant Modi, CMO, Vedant Fashions Limited said, “Mohey has always symbolized progressive women in our society. Through this advertisement, we have tried to bring about a change in the mindset of the general population. while being respectful and fervent towards our traditions and rituals “.

Speaking on the controversy, Shreyansh Innovations Director Shreyansh Baid clarified, “We have always believed in progressive communication and our main idea behind making this film was to convey a strong message which is rooted in the rich culture. Indian while taking it. a step forward by drawing inspiration from the new-age woman and the new-age society. With Alia on board, we were able to create a communication that strikes a chord and invokes positive change.

Directed by Abhishek Varman, the Manyavar commercial is also a real eye-catcher for Alia Bhatt’s haunting look. The actress shines as a bride and people keep talking about her.

Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt is celebrating her father Mahesh Bhatt’s 73rd birthday today. The actress posted a series of photos on Instagram of the birthday celebrations. The first photo showed Mahesh while the other showed Ranbir, Alia and Pooja posing with Mahesh. The alleged couple, Ranbir and Alia, were seen paired up in black ensembles as they smiled for the camera posing alongside Pooja and Mahesh.

Alia captioned the image: “73! Happy Birthday Daddy”

Speaking of her upcoming work list, Alia has “Gangubai Kathiawadi”, “RRR” and “Brahmastra”. She became a producer with her film ‘Darlings’ and will also be seen in ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani’.

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