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Adventure wedding: newlyweds in Pakistan arrive in village horse shovel

When it comes to the unique and grandiose entrees at weddings, we’ve come across some pretty mind-boggling ones, including one in which the the groom parachuted join his baraat. But now a couple in Pakistan have stolen the show by giving up all luxury and opting for a “hatke” vehicle – an excavator!

While JCB ki Khudai has already trended in India, these Pakistani bride and groom recently chose an excavator to take out their wedding procession. Now, a video of the couple decked out in their bridal sets and taking a shovel ride through the Hunza Valley town has gone viral.

Two sofa seats were seen installed in the vehicle’s bucket, which was adorned with flowers, but the newlyweds opted to stand while the operator drove the machine amid cheering crowds.

As the clip went viral, internet users found themselves equally amused and worried. While many wondered why the duo opted for this mode of transportation, others expressed concern for their safety.

Reacting to a journalist’s article, one person said the groom is a JCB operator and the bride is simply honoring her profession.

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