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Actor Desmond Tan marries college sweetheart 5 years ago

SINGAPORE – Actor Desmond Tan surprised fans and Instagram followers on Tuesday night (December 7) by sharing a series of wedding photos.

The 35-year-old star, who is currently in France, told The Straits Times by email that they have already hosted two celebrations.

“We had a small, intimate wedding in Singapore with our families last month, given the Covid-19 situation, to celebrate the union of these two lovebirds and our families. We then had our dream destination wedding in a chateau in France in the presence of some of our closest friends, ”he says.

The couple had initially suspended their travel plans due to the pandemic. But when the vaccinated travel route to France opened, they took the plunge and continued their “dream marriage” last week.

Tan, who is currently still in the south of France, says: “It’s quaint and beautiful and perfect for an intimate and dreamlike wedding. Each sunrise and sunset is simply magnificent and almost poetic.

In a statement, his management agency The Celebrity Agency said the actor recently married his 12-year-old college sweetheart in France and they are currently on their honeymoon.

Desmond Tan and his wife are currently on their honeymoon. PHOTOS: DESMOND TAN / INSTAGRAM

In the wedding photos Tan posted on social media, his wife’s face is obscured. His identity and age are not known and he declined to reveal more about her. They had met during an orientation camp at the National University of Singapore.

Tan was one of the finalists in the 2007 Star Search Talent Competition, but juggled work and school until he graduated in 2011.

In his message, he quoted a verse from the Bible: “I have found the one my soul loves. Solomon 3: 4.

He added, “Once upon a time I became yours and you became mine. We stay together through tears and laughter because that’s what they call happiness forever.”

Tan told ST, “It has been a mutual choice to keep our relationship private to protect her privacy for her daily life and work. We prefer to keep our love affair out of the spotlight because we think it works best for us.

The actor had made his request five years ago during a vacation in the United States, in a national park.

“It was a calm winter morning. With the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, I knelt down and asked the question. I was so nervous. Fortunately, she said yes.

He says he always knew she was “the only one” and that they were just waiting for the right time to get married. The newlyweds have moved in together and live with their two dogs Hoshi and Udon. The two furry children attended the wedding in Singapore.

Tan says her other half has always supported her career and calls her the perfect woman.

“She is loving, selfless, kind, family oriented, animal lover and loyal.”