7 rock stars who fell victim to sextape scandals

Sex and rock ‘n’ roll are inseparable. On the one hand, you have a myriad of artists – from trailblazers such as Jerry Lee Lewis and 80s staples like Def Leppard to more recent mainstays such as Halestorm and Rammstein – implementing relationships in their songs, music videos and their overall artistic philosophy. On the other hand, you have just as many artists who indulge in risque indulgences on their backstage escapades and inspire provocative fantasies for their fans.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine when it’s done legally, consensually, and with empathy, with all participants having a say in what’s done and who gets to know about it. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens. Like Hulu’s recent miniseries Pam and Tommy reminds us that sex tape scandals can be irrevocably damaging to the professional and personal lives of not only the rock stars themselves, but also the people they care about most.

Beyond the victimization of those involved, such situations also bring issues of conformity, agency, privacy, and trauma to the forefront of public discourse and consciousness.

Of course, Pam and Tommy’s incident is probably the biggest example of this, but as the list below shows, theirs is one of many cases of immoral – and possibly illegal – copulatory misconduct that deserves to be considered.

Rock stars who were victims of sex tape scandals

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