5 K-pop scandals: from school bullying to the argument between Hyuna and Dawn

Warning trigger: suicide, rape

With former DAY6 member Jae Park under fire for his misogynistic slurs on longtime friend Jamie, fans are facing the real truth when it comes to their favorite K-pop idols. The NCT fandom is torn apart by the Lucas dating scandal where his alleged ex-girlfriends claimed he lit them on gas, used them and cheated on them. Red Velvet’s Irene, however, bounced back despite rumors she intimidated her stylist. But K-pop scandals also most often involve systematic targeting of trolls, from the 2021 school bullying to Blackpink’s row of dating Jennie and Hyuna.

We have had extremely serious cyberbullying cases that led to f (x) Sulli’s suicide against trolls targeting Kwon Mina after she claimed her former AOA group leader Shin Jimin had bullied her . Some rumors were exaggerated when netizens believed an informant’s claims about the alleged drug use of the former iKON BI frontman and Monsta member X Wonho, causing them to quit their groups and be investigated. Although they have been cleared, the reputations of many of these celebrities have been tarnished by these scandals.

AOA’s Jimin Releases Original Song on Birthday, 1.5 Years After “Retiring”

Ex-DAY6 star Jae Park slammed his “weak” apology after calling Jamie a th * t

Hyuna and Dawn fired for dating

One of the most bittersweet reactions to the news of the encounters is the one involving Hyuna and Dawn. Hyuna was part of the iconic 4Minute girl group, while Dawn was in the Pentagon. The two were teammates under Cube Entertainment and secretly started dating in 2016. While Dawn wanted to go public immediately, the couple revealed their relationship in 2018. Sadly, they were both fired from their agency. Cube shared that the couple had betrayed their trust but received backlash from fans for their harsh decision. The couple were then signed to the PSY P Nation label.

Blackpink’s ‘Lazy’ Jennie Scandal and Her Meeting with EXO’s Kai

Where there is fame there will often be enemies. Blackpink being one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world, there are bound to be several controversies and scandals around them. But the one that even tore the fandom apart was Jennie’s “lazy” performance in 2018. While she had an injured ankle at the time, many pointed to her lack of energy in other stages like the infamous performance. of Coachella in 2019.

At the same time, she had a huge hatred for dating EXO’s Kai, as obsessed fans often tried to keep their favorite idols from dating. It got worse when his label YG tried to deny it by calling Kai his Uber driver. Jennie was constantly mocked, while some fans ordered Kai to throw her out. They ended up breaking up, but not before it became a scandal, with trolls criticizing his every move. She came under scrutiny again for allegedly dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in 2021.

Seungri’s Burning Sun scandal

The Burning Sun scandal was possibly one of the biggest criminal cases in recent K-pop history. It was BIGBANG’s K-pop superstar, Seungri, who was investigated for fraud and prostitution at his club named Burning Sun in 2019. In 2021, the military court recognized him. guilty of nine counts such as embezzlement, illegal gambling and permitting prostitution for his clients. While Seungri only accepted the violation of the Foreign Exchange Law, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

Complaints for bullying in 2021

In early 2021, popular K-pop idols were implicated in a systematic attack by trolls and antis. Many accusers have claimed they were bullied at school by K-pop idols. School bullying in South Korea is extremely violent, so the general public immediately turned their backs on their favorite artists. Many were put on hiatus by their agencies as they gathered evidence that the rumors were untrue.

The idols involved were Aisha from Everglow, Naeun from APRIL, Chorong from Apink, Hyunjin from Stray Kids, Mingyu from Seventeen, Youngjae from GOT7, Kihyun from Monsta X, Lia from Itzy, former member (G) I -DLE Soojin, Hyuna, Chuu from Loonaz and The Boy. others. All cases turned out to be false, but sadly (G) I-DLE’s Soojin suffered the most when she was forced to leave her group.

The Kris Wu rape case

With fans almost on the verge of worshiping their idols, many performers with predatory potential tend to take advantage. One of them happens to be Kris Wu. In 2021, the former EXO member was accused of allegedly raping 30 girls, many of whom were underage. The alleged victims who spoke up said they were lured under under the guise of a party or a promise that Kris Wu would advance their careers. He has now been arrested by Beijing police on suspicion of rape and is under investigation as a criminal suspect.

Along with these huge cases, there have also been frequent small scandals due to the illusion that agencies have created for their K-pop idols that do not allow fans to see them as real, imperfect human beings. Many artists are constantly ignorant, racist, or culturally appropriate because they know their fans will always support them. But on the other hand, we have a majority of K-pop fans who jump on the bandwagon and hate an artist on suspicions that later turn out to be wrong, as in the case of NCT’s Jungwoo, T-ara, and Baekho. by NU’EST.

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