Former AOA member Mina attempts suicide after posting letter about past scandals, Entertainment News & Top Stories

SEOUL – Former member of girl group AOA, Mina, was hospitalized after she allegedly attempted suicide on Thursday July 29. The 27-year-old was reportedly found by an acquaintance in the morning after failing to answer phone calls, according to reports in South Korean media. Hours earlier, she had posted a long, four-page handwritten letter to […]

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Engineer father builds exoskeleton to help son in wheelchair walk

An engineer in France built an exoskeleton to help his 16-year-old son in a wheelchair walk. Oscar Constanza has a genetic neurological disease that prevents him from walking unaided. His father, Jean-Louis Constanza, built an exoskeleton, a sort of robotic suit, which gave him new life. The 16-year-old told Reuters news agency that the device […]

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Sandstorm engulfs northwest China’s city, dramatic videos go viral

As parts of China continue to grapple with the consequences of heavy rains, floods and typhoon, another natural phenomenon upsets citizens: a sandstorm. Dramatic footage of a sandstorm engulfing a city in northwest China has freaked people out on social media, with many comparing it to scenes from an apocalyptic movie. A strong sandstorm with […]

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Pet goldfish dumped in Minnesota lakes grow to monstrous size

In a bizarre incident, authorities in Minnesota asked aquarium owners and fish owners to stop releasing their goldfish into local lakes because they tend to grow several times their normal size and disturb the sea. ecosystem of the water body. In a tweet from Burnsville’s official Twitter page, they shared several photos of oversized goldfish […]

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Madras High Court imposes Rs. 1 lakh fine on Thalapathy Vijay, Sivakarthikeyan blessed with baby boy and more

Today we saw several celebrities from the South making headlines for personal and professional reasons. As the Madras High Court fined Thalapathy Vijay Rs 1 lakh for importing a Roll Royce Ghost luxury car from England and for failing to pay head tax, Dr Sivakarthikeyan star has was lucky to have a baby boy. So, […]

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Elon Musk backs Britney Spears amid conservatorship battle, Blade actor Stephen Dorff trashes Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and more

As we approach the second half of the day, international celebrities continue to make headlines with their statement and comments among fans. While Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in favor of Britney Spears amid the conservatorship battle, Blade actor Stephen Dorff based Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow left, right and center. So, let’s meet the Hollywood […]