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10/8/21 Entertainment News – KTOE

10/8/21 Entertainment News

– Netflix is ​​making some changes to its hugely popular “Squid Game” show to remove a real phone number from the screen. On the show, people are given a mysterious card inviting them to participate in a deadly game for a chance to win 45 point six billion won. This card has a phone number belonging to a woman in South Korea. The phone number belongs to Kim Gil-young, who said he received hundreds of hoax calls. She told local broadcaster SBS that many people who called her had asked to join the fictional game. She told the news station that she couldn’t change her phone number because she owned a business and had given it to several of her clients.

– The man Woody Harrelson allegedly hit is now facing charges. The DC Metropolitan Police Department told NBC4 the man had been charged, but they did not disclose the charges he was facing. It comes after the Oscar winner told police he had a verbal argument with a fan who kept taking pictures of Harrelson and his daughter at the Water Gate Hotel. Harrelson claims the man threw himself at him, causing him to punch him in the neck. He claims to have acted in self-defense.

– Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank apologizes after making a joke at Whoopi Goldberg’s expense. During “The View,” Goldberg said she wanted to try on an included-size pair of jeans after other co-hosts praised them. Corcoran, who was a guest on the show, then rang the bell and told Goldberg to send them to her once she was done trying them on so she could make two pairs of pants out of them. In a video later posted to Twitter, the businesswoman said her prank at Goldberg’s expense was no fun. She also apologized to anyone she inadvertently offended.

– Some critics say the culture of cancellation is coming back again for Dave Chappelle. The comedian is under fire after comments in his new Netflix special “The Closer” supporting author JK Rowling on comments about the trans community. Rowling has been called a “TERF” or a “radical trans-exclusionist feminist” after arguing that trans women are not real women. Chappelle said he agreed with Rowling on the special. GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition are just a few of the groups calling the comedian in for his comments. GLAAD said in a statement that “Chappelle’s brand has become synonymous with ridiculing trans people and other marginalized communities.”

– A spin-off of the Emmy-nominated Disney + series “WandaVision” is in the works. The potential Marvel series would focus on the character of Kathryn Hahn, the witch of Salem Agatha Harkness. WandaVision’s chief writer, Jac Schaeffer, is said to be the writer and executive producer of the new series. The Harkness spin-off has been described by sources as a dark comedy, although exact plot details remain under wraps. The limited series “WandaVision” won 23 Emmy nominations, including one for Hahn for Best Supporting Actress. Schaeffer was nominated for writing the first episode and, as a member of the show’s production team, for best limited or anthology series.

– The Hollywood Foreign Press Association partners with the NAACP to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. The move comes after the organization received criticism for the lack of diversity among Golden Globe winners and nominees. The Reimagine Coalition will be a five-year company that aims to increase representation in the industry and create better employment opportunities for Hollywood workers. Last week, the HFPA expanded its category of foreign journalists by 20%, all from under-represented groups. NBC previously declined to air the Globes next year due to the organization’s lack of diversity.

– Actress Kiernan Shipka walks over to Riverdale. On Thursday, Warner Bros. TV announced that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress is taking on her role in the hit television series “Riverdale”. Shipka is slated to appear in the sixth season of the series.

– Details emerge about Britney Spears’ 13-year-old guardianship. TMZ reports that the artist’s father, Jamie Spears, along with her sales team, involving Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill, felt that she could be freed from mental anguish by using Christianity. Sources close to the celebrity gossip media revealed that the three were walking around with bibles in hand, preaching the word of God during the first year of tutorship. They also claim that the pop star was only allowed to read religious material.

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