Riddhi Sen: The Youngest Best Actor at National Award

Riddhi Sen

Riddhi Sen has won an award as the best actor at the 65th National Award 2018 after performing a transgender in Khausik Ganguly’s Nagarkirtan. This superb achievement makes him become the youngest actor who has ever joined and even accepted the award. It is because he shows the excellent quality of acting by being a woman instead of being an unfinished woman in the movie. Then, that is one of the reasons what makes the movie more outstanding and different from the others.

Moreover, the 19 years old actor seems so happy when he knew that he get the recognition even though he does not know whether he is the youngest winner yet. In an interview he said that it was such a surprise for him as he got informed about the award when he was shooting. However, it makes him celebrate the moment in a great way possible by working. In the other words, this award will really motivate him to get better and better in acting as it is something he has ever really known since he was a child. In addition, the other thing that can make him so excited about acting is the point when he can dive in to a particular character that he might never know before, and then bring it alive on the screen for https://citipoker88.net member.

Well, Riddhi Sen has started his acting career when he was a boy of eleven by joining his father’s theater group called Swapanasandhani. In the age of 15, he got the Mahanayak Samman Award which is a special award from the government of West Bengal. It was because he showed his fabulous performance in Open tee Bioscope. Even though he confessed that he said no to the honor because he felt like he was too young for it, and also to be named after the great Uttam Kumar.

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