Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Will Be Held in Mumbai

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor and her lover, Anand Ahuja, have been one of the most exposed couples in India since they had been together. There were so many rumors about the most anticipated wedding of the couples that flew among the people. It even became more interesting as they always look adorable whenever they spend their time together since very long time ago. So, it is actually no wonder that the gossips would never leave them alone at all.

However, in the recent time, Sonam and Anand have been reported to hold their special wedding occasion on this April. Even, based on a particular source in an interview with Pinkvilla, this lovely couple has given the wedding invitation cards to some relatives and close friends. Some of them are like Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone. Aside of that, Sonam will invite her some other celebrity friends and the crew that she has ever worked with to the occasion as well. So then, it is so obvious that this wedding occasion can be something big that will grab the attention of the people. Then, for your information, this source pretty believes that the momentous event will be held in one of the hotels in Mumbai, India. Unfortunately, there is no one including that knows where exactly the wedding will take place. It is all because this couple really wants to make everything more private.

In addition, in the beginning, many people thought that Sonam and Anand would choose Genewa, Swiss for their wedding destination. It was like they wanted to make their fabulous occasion in such distinctive and beautiful place in Europe. Yet, they rather choose Mumbai than any other places in the world in order to start their relationship to the next level. Thus, hopefully, they will live happily ever after as their love unites.

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