Special Things about October

October Movie

October has been one of the most popular movies that grab the attention of many people in the recent time. There are so various reactions come out from the many movie lovers out there because of the sensitive relationship shown on the screen. Aside of that, the extraordinary story of the movie will definitely give you the deeper nuance which make you think about many things instead of entertaining you by dancing singing or just having fun. Well, actually, there are some other special things about the movie that you better know. So, let’s figure them out below.

Then, the first of many things that make October become so remarkable is that it is written by a real star, Juhi Chaturvedi. Her writing really shows what she is capable of as she can create the very great moments in the story. Even better, her storytelling script can be transformed to the visual version so wonderfully. So then, you will see that the message has been delivered and touched the heart of everyone who has watched. In the simple words, she really upgrades the mainstream Hindi cinema to the next level for sure. Furthermore, the second thing about the movie that you or http://multipoker88.com cannot ignore is the director behind it.

There is Shoojit Sircar that is known well as one of the best movie directors in the Bollywood industry. He has successfully made the story of the movie run flawless without trying too hard. Making the beds of the hospital become the set where the story unfolds the most really influence the movie itself in a good way somehow. Moreover, the other thing about the movie is that it has the superior supporting casts. One of them that you cannot miss is Prateek Kapoor who played the character of the boss of Varun’s character. You will see him keep shouting on Varun so that you will find out he is actually quite bothersome.

After putting it all together, those are several things that you have to know about October for sure. All of them can be a fabulous combination of a masterpiece movie that everyone must watch. Then, it can be so more perfect as it has been complemented with the natural beauty. In the simple words, the vivid and eyes pleasing set can really fit the tragic and romantic story of the movie in the most excellent way possible. Thus, with all of these, it is no wonder that many critics will give thumps up to the movie for sure.

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