Why You Cannot Miss Beyond the Clouds Movie

Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds is one of the most anticipated movies that you cannot miss at all. This amazing movie will definitely show you the interesting things as its director, Majid Majidi, finally makes his debut in Bollywood this week. Aside of that, it will show you the notable performance of the talented stars like Ishan Khattar and Malavika Mohanan. We, there are actually some other reasons why you better never miss this awesome movie. So, in case you are so curious about what those reasons are, it will be nice for you to figure them out below.

The first of many reasons why you have to watch Beyond the Clouds Movie is because it is a kind of masterpiece from the expert. Majid Majidi has been known so well because of his amazing films such as Father (1996), Children of Heaven (1998), The Song of Sparrow (2008), and so many more still. All of those films will remind you of the dramatic and touchy story that you adore so much. The same thing happens to his latest movie where the kinship between a sister and brother become the center of the story.

Then, the second reason is that this movie can really capture the specific imagery of the underbelly part of the city of Mumbai. It is all because Majid knows how to expose the third world poverty which is not something strange for him. Moreover, Beyond the Clouds Movie will definitely offer you the strong sibling bonding which rarely comes out in the Bollywood industry in the recent time. It means that, this film can bring back the sibling bonding themed movies back to the industry just like what happened to Raakhi in 1959, Pyari Benha in 1995, Bandhan in 1998, and so on.

In addition, there is also the remarkable collaboration with A R Rahman you can find in the Nontonfilm88. Simply, Rahman has made a beautiful song called Muqabla that the main characters will dance to wonderfully. The music will definitely suit the vibe that the film maker wants to deliver to the audience while they are watching the movie. So then, you will find that this movie is a perfect combination of the best story, visual and audio to enjoy. Thus, it is obvious that watching this movie is a very cool idea for you to add it to your things you have to at the spare time list.

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