Do American Likes Bollywood?

American Likes Bollywood

Bollywood is the Indian Media and refer to the Hindi language movie industry in India. When the American has Hollywood, then India has Bollywood. Each of them has different genre. Hollywood has all genres movies like romantic, spy, adventure, sci-fi, cartoon, horror, and much more. The Bollywood just has some genres like romantic with musical genres. Every movie on the Bollywood has the music and the actors on the movie will dance together while the music is on.

They can sing and dance together no matter what the weather is they will sing and dance by following the music. The Bollywood movies are usually showing the Indian culture because they usually use their traditional clothes and other things. There are many people who like the Bollywood movie in around the world. Their movies show up to the international level which means you can see their movies whenever you want it.

No matter where you live now because you can see their movies in many countries in this world including in America. There are many channels which can play the Bollywood movies freely. Well, if you are wondering that the American likes the Bollywood movie or not. The answer of each American will be different. Why? It is because every person has its own different taste of foods, songs, movies, and much more, and so American does. There are some Americans who like this kind of movies but some are not.

Thus, you can say it generally if the Americans like the Bollywood movie or not because the answer is various. There are many people live in America even if they are an American or an immigrant. Thus, you can’t conclude if there is a group of American didn’t like the Bollywood movie, so the rest of them are same. As we know, every person has different taste. It is not only in the America, but in each country does. It is not weird if some do like the Bollywood movies and some don’t.

There are top 3 Bollywood movies that are getting popular in America. Do you know what they are? Well, the movies are:

Baahubali 2: The Conlcusion. The total gross in the USA for this movie is about US $21.30 million. This is a fantasy, drama, and action movie genre. It told when the son of Baahubali, Shiva, learns about his heritage and he begins to find the answers. His story is juxtaposed with the past events which unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

Dangal. The total gross in the USA for this movie is about US $12.37 million. This movie is a drama, biography and action genre. The story is about the Former of wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters to struggle toward the glory at the Commonwealth Games.

PK. The total gross in the USA for this movie is about US $10.58 million. The genre of this movie is a fantasy, drama, and comedy. This movie is told about a stranger ask about the questions which no one has asked before and it brings him to the journey of laughter, love, and letting go.

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