The Iconic Love Story of Hema Malini and Dharmendra, is that True?

The Iconic Love Story

Grace, beautiful, and charm; those are what people think when they come to see Hema Malini. A Dream Girl of Bollywood becomes her middle name. This girl ruled silver screen for 70’s and 80’s awards with her good dancing and acting skills. Nevertheless, a perfect does not only come for her professional life, but also her personal life that make a new hot sensation in celebrity news today. She ever did smite with some celebrities like Sanjeev Kapoor and Jeetendra, and now she has a love story with Dharmendra. Their story is said defying all the odds and create the most iconic love story off-screen of Bollywood romances; but, is that true? Let us and evaluate it.

Dharmendra got married. It is the fact and everyone knows this crucial fact well. Dharmendra married a woman in 1958 named Prakash Kaur. The marriage gives them two children, Bobby Deol and Sunny. Nevertheless, in 70s, he was madly in love with Hema Malini since they acted together in many movies and films including Aatank and Sholay.

At beginning, only Dharmendra who were in love with Hema and she did not reciprocate it since she did not want to in love with a man who were already married but Dharmendra did not give up on her that easy. During the film shooting, some said that Dharmendra tip the light boy in order to slip up when those two did romantic scenes so they should do retakes. He gave a code to them; pulling the ears was to mess the trolley movements or drop the reflector, touching the nose means that the shots were okay.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra

At the end, she responded his feelings and she worked hard to not reveal the relationship between them to or her parents. It happened in one day; she disappeared in a whole day without anyone knew where she was at that time. Later on, it was revealed that she set a meeting with him secretly. At that time, he still was married to Prakash. Have you ever think how much it hurts the wife to read many articles in a bunch of newspaper about the love story and legendary romance in between her husband with someone else?

Dharmendra thought that Hema is a symbol of beauty and epic. The love between them defied the odds. Before she is with Dharmendra, she was with Jeetendra. The marriage between Hema Malini and Jeetendra was almost happened, but it did never happen. He came softly for her and pursued her a while. However, she was not interested at all and in the end they decided to be a god friend. Dharmendra was not happy about it and he became a possessive lover.

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He ever once stormed into film set where Hema had shooting film with Jeetendra. He dragged her angrily into a dressing room. Hema’s mother was insistent for her to marry Jeetendra. She even started to make wedding plans. She had planned to hold a wedding party at Madras and the whole families were there. Unfortunately, it did never happen.


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